Invitation for participation in the 1 st Scientific Conference

    Dear Colleagues, Faculty of Economics of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, organizes First Scientific Conference with title: Knowledge Based Society as a Strategy for Faster Economic Growth.On behalf of the Scientific Committee, we invite you to participate with your papers to contribute in this conference. The conference will be held in Prishtina,during 16-17 November, 2017.

    The aim of the conference is to promote scientific researches, academic cooperation and networking between researchers in Kosovo and their colleagues from the Balkan region and other European countries.

    The Conference is oriented toward the discussion of contemporary business and economic developments, problems and challenges in the world.

    The Conference is open to both researchers from the academic and professional sphere from public and private entities, from all over the world. The researchers and professionals will have a unique opportunity to interact closely and share their knowledge and experiences between them, but this Conference is good opportunity for master’s and PhD students who are also welcomed to participate and contribute in the conference.

    The conference will be held in English and Albanian. While the abstracts and papers are accepted only in English language.

    The main fields of researches of the Conference are related to: Economics, Management, Marketing, International Economics, Finance and Accounting, SMEs and Entrepreneurship, Management Information Systems, Business Research Methods, Tourism and Economic Development, Business, Education, and Social Sciences, EU Integration and economics, International Banking, Investments, Econometrics, Public Finance, Business Law, Environmental  Economics.


    Deadline for submission of the papers and abstracts is: 1st of September, 2017

    Members of Scientific committee, after revision of the papers, will give comments and suggestions until 10th of September, 2017. Submission of the revised full paper until 20th of September, 2017

    Members of Scientific committee, after final revision, will give comments and decision for the received papers and sent to the author for final revision until 30th of September, 2017.

    Deadline for the final version of the papers, manuscripts: 15th of October, 2017

    Papers should be sent at this e-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

    Conference topics:

    1.     Economic policy reform

    2.     Global economic crisis and regulation

    3.     Challenges in conducting monetary policy

    4.      Financial crisis, policy and income distributions across regions

    5.      Industrial policy and reindustrialization issues

    6.      Financial growth versus stability

    7.     National competitiveness and how to increase it

    8.      Decentralization and economic growth

    9.      Unemployment 

    10.                       Financial performances of public companies

    11.                       Non performing loans – impact on macroeconomic performance

    12.                       The process of integration in the European Union

    13.                       Trade liberalization and regional cooperation 

    14.                       Competitiveness, firms and global value chains 

    15.                       The impact of regional policies

    16.                       Globalization, poverty reduction and inequality

    17.                       Environmental Economics

    18.                      Remittances and economic growth

    19.                       Globalization and ICT disparities

    20.                       Natural recourses and economic growth

    21.                       Education, employability and poverty reduction 

    22.                       Agriculture and economic growth

    23.                       Service sector and socio economic development


    Criteria’s for the format of the papers:  can be found in the following link:


    Additionally, this scientific conference is organized with support from the TEMPUS Project MODPhD no. 544188 and United Nations Development Program – UNDP.


    For further informations, please refer to the following web-pages: and



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