History of the Faculty

Faculty of Economics in University of Prishtina “HASAN PRISHTINA” started working in 1961/62 academic year as a joint academic unit with Faculty of Law. Since the academic year 1971/72, Faculty of Economics operates as a single academic unit of the University of Prishtina “HASAN PRISHTINA”. Faculty of Economics is an institution devoted to the preparation of prominent individuals to gain leadership roles in the community through teaching, research and practice in the field of economy.

The Faculty of Economics has a mission to prepare generations that contribute to the overall economic and social progress of Kosovo and beyond, in order of advancing global knowledge in the field of economy. This mission is consistent with the mission of the University of Prishtina as a public institution of higher education in Kosovo.

This mission is attempted through:

  • advancing the teaching activity in Bachelor, Master and Doctorate studies
  • ongoing reforms related to curricula, teaching methodology, contemporary literature application, etc.,
  • intensive engagement in research,
  • engagement of academic staff with high scientific background,
  • continuous training of academic staff,
  • overall improvement of infrastructure
  • transformation into a leading center for the advancement of knowledge, thought and education in the field of economy in the region,
  • full participation in the regional and international community in the field of higher education.

The Faculty of Economics as an academic unit of the University of Prishtina has a vision for:

  • establishment and provision of an institutional culture for quality development;
  • cooperation with international institutions in the field of economy with the aim of integration into scientific networks in the field of economy;
  • implementation of research projects through the Research Institute of Faculty of Economics.

The Faculty of Economics currently organizes three levels of study:

  • Bachelor (three years studies),
  • Scientific Master (two years studies),
  • Doctoral studies (three years studies).

The Faculty of Economics organizes the following study programs:

  • Banking and Finance (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Management (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Marketing (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Economics (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Accounting (BSc)
  • Applied Economics and Management (BSc)