Master Marketing

Curriculum and Syllabus
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Yeari I, Semester I

O/E Subjects ECTS
O Research methodolgy 8
O Marketing management 8
O Integrated marketing communication 8
E Personal sale and negotiation 6
E Green marketing and social responsibility  6


Year I, Semester II

O/E Subjects ECTS
O Applied Market Research Models 8
O Consumer Behavior II 8
O Advanced Marketing Strategies 8
E Marketing information system 6
E Cultural Differences Management 6

In the first year two elective subjects must be elected, respectively 12 ECTS, one subject per semester.

Year II, Semester III

O/E Subjects ECTS
O International Marketing 2 8
O Innovation Marketing 8
O Digital Marketing and Social Media 8
E Advanced marketing models 6
E SME Management and Entrepreneurship 6

In the second year one elective subject must be elected, respectively 6 ECTS.

Year II, Semester IV

O Subjects ECTS
O Master thesis 30